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Lur & Amets

Imanol Zinkunegi / Joseba Ponce
Eneko Olasagasti / Carlos Zabala
LA Ekoizpenak AIE
Joserra Senperena

Lur and Amets' parents have to go to a wedding this weekend. For this reason, they leave the twins at Grandma Andere’s. However, it's not going to be a conventional weekend thanks to her magic powers and her cat Baltaxar. They will set out on an unforgettable journey travelling to different eras and having new adventures throughout the history of the Basque Country. Although they are the main characters of every story, Andere and Baltaxar will help them. Unfortunately, two evil men will always be hot on their heels. 


This green-eyed redhead girl is Lur. Of those who don't know how to be still: she likes to explore around her and also likes to run; She is an inveterate adventurer. She is very brave, nothing intimidates her. She has a strong character and, when she gets angry, even the cat flees from her. She has a twin brother: Amets.


This dark-skinned boy is Amets. He has a twin sister: Lur. They make perfect duo. Amets is a dreamer, he has a lot of imagination, and he is also a sensitive boy. He enjoys a lot being alone, and he never gets bored. Grandma Andere says he sees things that nobody else can.


Lur and Amets don´t know, but the grandmother is a special woman, and there´s where her wisdom comes from. She has met other eras and other worlds. She is a mythological creature.

Thanks to the powers of the grandmother, Lur and Amets will be able to travel in time. Her cat Zan-Targ-Claws will help when it comes to make magic.


It has been with the grandmother since forever; Zan-Targ-Claws is also a mythological creature, it never becomes old.

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